The First-Ever Case Of Omicron Variant Detected Today in Karachi: Reports


by Hamna Bano

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Health department that the first case of the Omicron variant has officially been detected in Pakistan. The officials stated that the patient is a woman who traveled to Pakistan from abroad. “The woman was under treatment at the Agha Khan Hospital and was unvaccinated”, said the Media Coordinator Mehar Khursheed.


The 65 years old is right now isolated in her home after she got done with the treatment at the hospital. In accordance with the notification issued from the District Health Office in the East District of Karachi, there is no history to be seen of travel.

The ‘rapid response team’ was taken on board instantly after the detection occurred. As per the given guidelines of the National Command and Operation Center, the testing, screening, isolation, and vaccination along with other preventive steps were taken along.  The notification mentioned that the last contacted people have also been tested. The results have been negative for the Omicron Variant. They although are corona virus-positive and currently residing at Agha Khan Hospital.

On the other side, WHO states that the new variant is far more fast-spreading than the other ones. It can affect already vaccinated people and those who have previously been in contact with the virus. The current variant is said to be milder than the Delta. It has been warned to ease off any kind of cautiousness against the existing variant of Omicron.  There is still a lot of data to be collected to draw any final concussions as of now. “Any complacency now will cost lives,” cautioned WHO.

It has been stressed by WHO to get everyone vaccinated. Although some researchers say that the Omnicron variant affects even the vaccinated individuals. Some data, on the contrary, indicates that vaccination still can provide substantial defense against the agonizing disease.

In the end, it was also notified to impose a micro lockdown in the City. The deputy commissioner is taking considerable measures to implement all the needed protection guidelines.