The New Medical Act has Compelled 56 Doctors to Resign from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


by Maria Amir

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In the most recent development, 56 highly professional doctors have resigned from their posts due to the introduction of a ‘New Medical Act in institutions. Their main purpose of resigning has been negligence towards their esteemed positions in the institute.

Under this new act, the government has become responsible for making new policies in hospitals along with recruitments. This has hurt many sentiments. According to the inner reports, due to the leverage of this act, many inexperienced doctors have been given positions over senior doctors.

“Some of the doctors were against the government health policies while others left because they were not willing to close down their private clinics. When they declined to obey the order, most of them were removed as department heads and were made subordinate to their juniors” one of the officials said.  The unrest has left many hospitals in utter confusion.

As the majority of the senior doctors have left, patients are now to depend on fresh graduates with little to no experience. The most affected department has been Lady Reading’s Cardiology department. Due to the continuous stress of events, the department is now closed to patients.  Local people now have to look for private clinics and practices to consult their health matters. This is a new development is causing great financial distress in the unprivileged patient sector.

We aren't witnessing this for the first time in Pakistan. For decades healthcare sector has suffered due to negligence and personal unrest amongst the governing bodies. From protests to misdiagnosis allegations, healthcare has become worse. It can also be said that due to the dissatisfaction of this particular sector many doctors have left the country for better opportunities abroad.