The Real Reason Behind Unnecessary C-Section Births Revealed !


by Hamna Bano

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The birth of new mafias have been in discussion. They aren’t low-key, instead are a huge threat and hold power more than the authorities themselves. The saddest outcome is that the poor and the wealthy are getting suffocated.


The biggest step leading to these devastating times is the permission granted to the private sector for running clinics and hospitals. The consequences are here in front of everyone’s eyes. Childbirth is one of the major causes. The  insufficient number of government hospitals in Pakistan is already a known fact. Most of them don't  have the required equipment for operating.

To add to this, another factor is the less availability of midwives. This leads to people opting for private clinics for gynae visits. The patients are asked to pay weekly visits and get tests done. Doctors have their cuts already decided with the labs and earn a good amount from each visit. The bill then shoots up to Rs. 5000.

From the start till the day of childbirth, the doctors make sure that they keep the patient in confidence and tell them that it will be a normal delivery. In a few moments, they change their statement and tell the family that some problems took place and they have to perform a C-section to keep the baby safe.

It is expected from the patient to deposit Rs.80,000 to Rs.100,00 at the spot and that is how these private hospital mafias cost you childbirth for around Rs.200,000. This is straight-up a white-collar crime that is been taking place.

The solution is not to shut these hospitals down, but to increase the capacity of the government hospitals. With that,  new developments should be taking place where birth centers should be made conventional in remote places and villages. C-section should only be performed in case of serious complications.