Treatment Facility for Liver and Gastrointestinal Disease Opens in CHK!


by Omama Anwar

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In a significant development for healthcare in the region, a state-of-the-art treatment facility specializing in liver and gastrointestinal diseases has been inaugurated at Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital Karachi. The establishment of this facility aims to address the growing prevalence of liver and gastrointestinal ailments and provide comprehensive care to patients in the region.


The facility, equipped with advanced medical technology and staffed by a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals, was officially opened by Chief Minister Sindh, Murad Ali Shah. 

In his inaugural address, he emphasized the government's commitment to improving healthcare services and ensuring the well-being of the population. He highlighted the need for such dedicated facilities to combat the rising burden of liver and gastrointestinal diseases, stating, "The opening of this treatment facility reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare infrastructure and provide specialized care to those in need.

He further added, “We are determined to tackle the challenges posed by liver and gastrointestinal diseases by promoting early diagnosis, implementing effective treatment protocols, and expanding the reach of healthcare services."

The establishment of this treatment facility has been made possible through collaborative efforts between the government and healthcare organizations. Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz, the Executive Director of the project, expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders involved in making this facility a reality. 

Sindh Health Minister, Dr. AzraFazal Pechuho said in her address, "This treatment facility will serve as a center of excellence in the diagnosis and management of liver and gastrointestinal diseases. Our team of medical experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and employing the latest advancements in medical science to improve patient outcomes."

The opening of the specialized liver and gastrointestinal disease treatment facility at Civil Hospital Karachi represents a significant step forward in addressing the healthcare needs of the population. It marks a new era of advanced medical services, promising hope and relief for patients suffering from these debilitating conditions. 

With continued efforts and investments in healthcare infrastructure, Pakistan is moving closer to achieving its goal of ensuring accessible and quality healthcare for all.