Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Treatment: Planning of Human Trials for Historic Vaccine Development


by Naba Batool

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On Tuesday, the Cleveland Clinic announced that they are launching the first-ever human trial testing program to prevent the onset of triple-negative breast cancer which is regarded as the most aggressive form of cancer to ever exist.


Currently, this form of breast cancer is immune to targeted drug therapies and is highly irresponsive to hormone therapies. Mastectomy is the only possible preventive measure. Until now, the search has been limited to lab procedures as well as animal research. But after the approval from US Food and Drug Administration, the human trial for a new drug application is in motion.

Even though the trial only includes drug administration for the early-stage cancer survivors, the researchers are positive that the results can be extrapolated to bring comfort for the high-risk cancer patients.

According to Dr. G Thomas Budd who is the principal investigator of the study at Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute “Long term, we are hoping that this can be a true preventive vaccine that would be administered to healthy women to prevent them from developing triple-negative breast cancer, the form of breast cancer for which we have the least effective treatments,"

If successful, these drugs have the potential to enhance the life expectancy of the affected community as well as positively impact the childhood vaccination program that we are currently using.