Un-Administered 31M Doses of Vaccines Soon to Expire in August


by Naba Batool

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According to the official data of the COVID-19 vaccination program a new vaccination campaign is in the pipeline so that all the remaining unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals can get inoculations. This ensures that the remaining population is carefully aligned with the immunization program. The remaining Moderna and Pfizer vaccinations can be used to their full potential without expiring.

Health experts from around the globe have gathered the statistics that out of 120 million completely inoculated people 9 million have successfully received the booster COVID-19. Furthermore, less than 2% of the population have received the 2nd booster dose.


Pakistan has received millions of doses of Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccines through the COVAX facility. China has also donated a large chunk of COVID-19 vaccinations such as Sinopharm. Sinovac and Cansino.

In addition to all this, Pakistan has also been on the receiving edge of vaccines from America, China, and Russian Biotechnology firms.

Although the country has been successful in keeping the COVID-19 death toll under check with no reported death for the past 2 months. The positivity rate is also stable at 0.25% until Friday.

In Pakistan, Sindh is the victorious province in terms of successful COVID-19 vaccine administration with over 98% of the population fully vaccinated. Then comes Islamabad where 90% of the vaccine-eligible population is inoculated.

Punjab ranks 3rd as there is still a 12% vaccine-eligible population to receive COVID-19 Jabs. In KPK around 14 million people are vaccinated and in Balochistan, the potential for COVID-19 vaccination is high with only 59% of the population fully vaccinated.

The situation is quite worse in Gilgit Baltistan as 47% of the population still awaits the COVID-19 vaccinations.