UNDP Data Claims Climate Change Deadlier than Cancers in the World


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest data from the UN Development Programme and Climate Impact Lab, if the current situation of carbon emissions persists, the whole climate change crisis can become more disastrous than cancer in most parts of the world including Pakistan.

The climate change mortality rate in Faisalabad, even with the ongoing mitigation scenarios currently stands at 100,000. In light of the current events of climate change, the numbers are expected to double between the years 2020-2039. Climate change crises are leading to increased stroke cases, considered one of Pakistan's leading causes of death.

Hannah Hess who is currently serving as the Director at Rhodium Group said that “As we face the punishing impacts of global climate change it can be easy to wonder whether efforts to reduce emissions by individual countries, states, or cities really make a difference. This platform shows the direct role these efforts play in shaping our collective future.

The situation is also worsening in other regions of the world such as Dhaka. The mortality rate due to climate change complications is suspected to double as compared to the number of deaths due to cancers. 


The report also stated that “Because of human action, the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is reaching dangerous levels, driving Earth’s temperatures higher and amplifying the frequency and intensity of extreme events. The impact of climate change differs across sectors of the economy with workers in high-risk, weather-exposed industries like agriculture, construction, mining, and manufacturing most affected”.

The current situation accounts for strict measures to cater to the health complications because of climate change. Adaptation and mitigation are considered to be the need of the hour.