Upsetting Increase in the Substance Abuse: Minors at Risk


by Hamna Bano

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A press release administered by the Punjab Social Welfare Department disclosed that the number of cases of substance usage in Pakistan is growing at a problematic rate.

The United Nations Office for Drug and Crime
revealed that a total number of 6.7 million drug users are present currently in Pakistan. Out of the total, around 4 million are addicts making Pakistan amongst countries with a worrisome number of drug abuse cases.

Pakistanis belonging to the age bracket of 15 to 64 use heroin routinely. It has also been gauged that around 44 tons of heroin are refined in Pakistan yearly.  Prime Minister Imran Khan also warned about the abuse of meth (ice) last year saying, This synthetic drug called ice (crystal methamphetamine) has penetrated schools and colleges. Drugs destroy children’s character, discipline, health, and future.”

Students from different colleges and universities are challenging the authorities by using drugs in-campus and outside the institutions too. As a result, the cases of lung infections and diseases are increasing at an uncontrollable pace, especially in teens.



A groundbreaking initiative has been taken by the Bait-ul-Maal and Social Welfare Department of Punjab to run an anti-drug usage campaign. The aim is to counsel, rehabilitate, and aware people to lower the amount of drug usage.


The government however is not putting in the needed efforts to facilitate the addicts with inexpensive rehabilitation services.

It is expected from the youth to report the drug use in institutions by keeping the identity of the reporter anonymous.

A strong alliance is expected with the government and non-government organizations to work against drug abuse. The aim is to reduce drug-related crime along with the cost reduction that comes with health issues. The ultimate goal is to save the lives of the youth of Pakistan.