Urgent Action is Needed to Contain Monkeypox - Say WHO


by Naba Batool

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According to the WHO press release, countries are required to initiate immediate and urgent action to tackle the spread of monkeypox. The countries are also urged to share the real-time analysis of the monkeypox statistics and their vaccine stockpiles.

WHO director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness, Sylvie Briand in her address to the UN agency national assembly said that "We think that if we put in place the right measures now we probably can contain this easily,"


Monkeypox is a rather mild viral infection that originated in west and central Africa. The mode of transmission of this disease is due to unguarded close contact with the infected individual or animal. It is a disease that was primarily reported in the endemic region but some cases have been reported in other areas around the globe as well such as Europe and the US. This situation is alarming both for the affected countries and the WHO.

According to the latest reports, there have been 300 confirmed cases in around 20 countries around the globe. WHO is already suspecting more cases of monkeypox if the current situation is not catered properly.

Briand further commented that "For us, we think that the key priority currently is trying to contain this transmission in non-endemic countries,"

The expected measures from the affected countries include the available stockpiles of smallpox vaccines that are said to be effective in the current scenario.

She further added that "We don't know exactly the number of doses available in the world and so that’s why we encourage countries to come to WHO and tell us what are their stockpiles,"

WHO is currently working on closed and targeted vaccination so that the number of infected people can be reduced. Rosamund Lewis who is WHO head of smallpox said that "Case investigation, contact tracing, and isolation at home will be your best bets,"

Countries are required to expand their disaster control management so that the aggressive spread of smallpox can be contained to greater degrees.