Venomous Snakebite Cases Reported Amid Floods in Pakistan


by Saeed Iqbal

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A woman has lost her life due to venomous snakebite in Nowshera, district of KPK. More than one hundred people have also suffered a snakebite in a disastrous flood across the country.

Severe flooding has affected many parts of the country due to the unprecedented monsoon season since June. Sherry Rehman, the minister of climate change, in her statement on Monday, said that a third of the country is underwater and more than 33 million have also been affected.

Venomous snakes are biting people while traveling through water. Many people were also bitten by snakes at their homes in different districts of KPK, and many people died due to the inability to get effective treatment.

It is unclear what type of species of snake is biting people because Pakistan is home to many venomous snakes including cobras and kraits. The bites of venomous snakes need immediate medical help because they can’t be treated without antivenom. The survival of snake-biting victims depends on how quickly they receive treatment.

As the flood is continuing to devastate Pakistan, more than 134 cases of snake-biting have been reported so far across Pakistan, and the death toll tends to increase due to the lack of antivenom availability across the country. Additionally, the bites of snakes also cause disabilities and damage to the tissues which may lead to amputations.

The health department of KPK is issuing warnings to be aware of wild animals including snakes and insects during times of flood. Furthermore, the department in a press release said that the flood may have made the snakes more agitated which means they are biting people more than usual.

According to a news website, snakes that are causing more bites are krait and cobra which are very dangerous that can even cause death within minutes.