WHO Announces to Rebuild 100 Health Centers in Balochistan


by Hamna Bano

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The World Health Organization (WHO) will rehabilitate 100 primary healthcare centers in 12 districts of Balochistan.  The targeted health centers are the ones that got badly damaged during last year’s monsoon rains and heavy floods. WHO has also announced plans to provide these facilities with the needed medical equipment and solar systems. 

In a ceremony held on Tuesday, WHO and the provincial health department signed a total of six memorandums of understanding (MOU) in this regard. 


WHO Country Head Dr. Palitha Mahiopala, Health Secretary Muhammad Saleh Nasar, and Health Minister Syed Ehsan Shah were present at the ceremony as attendees. 

As per the MoUs, WHO will rehabilitate 100 primary healthcare centers in 12 districts and provide furniture, solar systems, and medical equipment needed for the treatment. 

Under this agreement, the provincial health department will ensure the continuity of health services through human resources and guarantee supplies from the health system. 

On this occasion, it was witnessed that the vehicles and the equipment donated by WHO for the National Maternal and Newborn Child Health program were handed over to the health secretary. 

The solar system for the provincial EPI cold chain room was also inaugurated. The system will save fuel bills of around Rs. 80 million annually. 

While speaking at the ceremony, the provincial health minister thanked the WHO country head for providing not only the medical equipment but also the medicines for the flood-affected areas.

These small steps can surely leave a huge impact and can make the lives of the affected people easy. The aftereffects of the floods that came in 2022 are not easy to be tackled, but with consistent efforts, life can get back to normal.