WHO Compliments Pakistan on Achieving 100 Million Vaccination Milestone


by Naba Batool

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On Sunday WHO extended their heartfelt felicitation to Pakistan and their unflinching efforts on achieving the COVID-19 vaccination milestone.

WHO acknowledged the efforts of both Pakistan’s government and the general public and tweeted ‘Heartiest Congratulations to Pakistan’. The WHO applauded the Govt of Pakistan for having over 100 million individuals fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

This milestone is a clear testament to the unflinching efforts that were put forward by the government of Pakistan. WHO further went on to say that it is due to these team efforts that everyone had free and full access to COVID–19 vaccination.

This news was reported earlier that day by the special assistant Faisal Sultan, to the Prime Minister on National Health Services. He announced this news on a microblogging platform when he wrote that “100 million Pakistanis have been vaccinated against COVID-19.”


On March 6, Pakistan recorded the lowest COVID-19 positivity rate in months as per the reports of NCOC. The last time the numbers were this low was on January 5th. The stats also showed that the new infections count was 755. With this, the total infectious cases now stand at 1,514,258.

The country’s covid death count also fell below 10 once again as the number of reported deaths was 7 last night. This is also a result of the continuous government campaigns as well as educational tours.