WHO Forecasts Lower Vaccines than Hoped


by Naba Batool

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This gap was the reason that WHO declared a moratorium on the availability of booster shots in economically stable countries. COVAX is a vaccine-sharing program of WHO. This program has forecasted that an additional 1.1 billion covid jabs will be made available on a global scale between now and later the year. These numbers are less than what WHO has previously hoped for.


92 lower-income countries are the target of vaccine supply for the remaining year. We expect to have a further 1.1 billion doses available for delivery between now and the end of the year," Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of GAVI, one of the groups that make up COVAX, said in a media briefing.

This prediction will put the total availability of vaccines in 2021 at 1.4 billion doses. This is 1.2 billion less than what was hoped for in low-income countries.

That is why the rich countries are said to halt the availability of booster shots until the low-income countries have a significant number of inoculated masses.