WHO Launches AI Health Worker for Extensive Healthcare Support


by Naba Batool

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WHO and the Qatar Ministry of Health in a symbiotic relationship has launched the Al-powered WHO Digital Health Worker, Florence Version 2.0. This initiative promises both innovation and accessibility as the general masses can interact in more than 7 languages with the AI. It was presented at the World Innovation Summit for Health. 

This AI is designed to provide empathetic advice to people who are dealing with distress and provide them with information on how to eat better and quit tobacco. Florence 2.0 can interact in seven languages such as Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Russian. 


According to Andy Pattison who is currently serving as the team lead for Digital Channels “Digital technology plays a critical role in helping people worldwide lead healthier lives. The AI health worker Florence is a shining example of the potential to harness technology to promote and protect people’s physical and mental health. At WISH, we aim to meet with visionary partners to continue to improve this cutting-edge technology. AI can help fill gaps in health information that exist in many communities around the world.” 

Dr. Yusuf Al Masalmani, official healthcare spokesperson for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 said in a press release that “We are pleased to partner with the WHO for the development of Florence and are very excited about the opportunities this technology can offer to raise awareness of key health issues. We know that providing advice on Florence’s key health topics, including mental health, nutrition, and tobacco cessation is an important tool in our commitment to support people to make healthy lifestyle choices.”

Currently, this project is being handled by Soul Machines who are known for their attention to detail and meticulous craft. The health officials are positive about Florence making significant changes in the health sectors in the coming years.