China to Ease COVID-19 Restrictions in some Cities - WHO Applauds the Action


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest reports, Chinese cities are now allowing ease on COVID-19 curbs since Sunday. This decision was taken after the aggressive protests which were turning violent with every passing day while increasing the covid-19 toll in the country as well. The ease in the policy now allows the SOPs to be less burdensome enabling the general public the room of freedom they have been demanding for quite some time now.

Urumqi is the capital of Xinjiang and is the very first region where the protest first began. The region is now allowing the opening of malls, markets, and reverie which will end the strict lockdown conditions that have been going on in the city for over 8 months.

The exit zero-COVID-19 policy has been in action since China reported the first case back in 2019. This covid-19 policy is turning into an unprecedented show of civil disobedience in the world’s second-largest economy. 


Vice-premier Sun Chunlan who is in charge of COVID efforts finally commented that the ability of the virus to cause disease is declining which has previously been said by many global health officials.

China is also gearing up for nationwide ease in testing which also allows people to isolate in their homes even if they are tested positive. In the past, the country’s efforts in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic have been applauded on the global platform but are rejected by the general public.

Goldman Sachs said that "Although there have been quite a few local changes to COVID policies lately, we do not interpret them as China abandoning zero-COVID policy just yet.

"Rather, we see them as clear evidence of the Chinese government preparing for an exit and trying to minimize the economic and social cost of COVID control in the meantime. The preparations may last a few months and there are likely to be challenges along the way."