Redesigned Moderna Vaccine Producing Exceptional Results


by Hamna Bano

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On Tuesday, the pharmaceutical company Moderna made an announcement that a new version of COVID-19 seems to be more effective. It has been observed to provide a long-lasting and stronger defense against all the variants of the original and initial vaccine.

It was also hinted that Moderna will be offering updated COVID-19 booster shots in the fall that will be a combination of the previous vaccine and the new one. It has been observed previously that moderna has produced higher number of antibodies as compared to other vaccines. So, such an approach is supposed to work great against the earlier variants.

Before Omicron, Moderna was researching a shot that provided protection against a previous variant called beta. However, on Tuesday, the company said that “people who were given that beta-original vaccine combination produced more antibodies capable of fighting several variants — including omicron — than today’s regular booster triggers.”


Dr. Jacqueline Miller who is a Moderna Vice President said “While the antibody increase was modest, Moderna’s goal is to produce a combination shot that specifically targets omicron. These results really give us hope” that the next step will work even better.”

All of this Moderna data has just been reported online and there has been no vetting done by independent individuals on that.

COVID-19 vaccinations in the past have provided proper protection against severe cases and have saved people from dying. But, experts say that this particular variant might be the easiest one to defeat the immune system defenses.

Health officials have made it clear that “Just switching to a vaccine that targets the latest variant is risky, because the virus could mutate again. So Moderna and its rival Pfizer both are testing what scientists call “bivalent” shots — a mix of each company’s original vaccine and an omicron-targeted version.”

The new bivalent shot better targets omicron as it contains 32 mutations of the variant. Two more booster doses are under study these days and the results are expected by late June.