Reported Diarrhea Outbreak Hits Provincial Capital


by Hamna Bano

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According to the recent reports shared by the Communicable Disease Control (CDC) Department, since April 1st, 2022 a total of 2000 children have been admitted to the hospital. The major reason behind this has been a recent diarrhea outbreak in Children in the capital of the province.

The department also reaffirmed nine cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) In Lahore, which is a condition occurring as a result of contaminated food intake. The culprit here is the Vibrio cholera bacteria.

This has been declared a global threat by the World Health Organization (WHO) to public health. It has also been proclaimed as a pointer to a lack of social development and disparity. A number of new cases of cholera, an infectious disease, have also been reported in the capital.

The public sector teaching hospitals provided all the figures for Lahore. But the alarming situation here is that the figures of the private sector and general practitioners are not reported yet. This can be a lot more than the data that has been shared by the CDC as of now.


This rising number of cases has made public health experts go deep into questioning. They say that, “the drinking water supply lines in Lahore may have been contaminated because of the city’s decades-old sewerage system.

The administration of the government-run Children’s Hospital in Lahore says, “we are attending a sum of 500 children with acute diarrhea daily.” The professor of pediatric medicine Prof. Junai Arshad told news channels that “We are attending daily around 500 children with acute diarrhea and the number was higher than that of last year,”

It has been said by authorities that AWD cases are being reported every day and the cases are mostly being reported from the capital of the province.