UN Chief Issues Global Alert on Day of Epidemic Preparedness


by Iqra Zafar

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United Nations: Dec 27, United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG) António Guterres on Tuesday issued a global wake-up call on the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, which is annually observed on Dec 27. 

On the occasion of the International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, the UN chief emphasized that the international community should learn from the harsh lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic. He further called for huge investment in order to prepare for the pandemic, its presentation, and effective response.

He also stressed that we need to focus on making surveillance efficient so we can detect and monitor the viruses that are recognized for their epidemic potential. With these, he urged on the need for a more resilient healthcare system with better health coverage, well-equipped healthcare facilities, and well-trained and well-paid workforces. 

We also need equitable access to vaccines, treatments, diagnostics, and life-saving technology for all countries”, Mr. Guterres said.


On this occasion, the UN Chief recalled how three years ago COVID-19 virus was first detected, and what followed afterward was catastrophic. He said, “noting that since the pandemic struck, millions of lives have been lost, and hundreds of millions fallen ill; economies have been shattered, health systems stretched, and trillions of dollars lost.

Moreover, progress toward Sustainable Development Goals has been "thrown off track," he added. “Developing countries were often left to fend for themselves, shamefully denied the vaccines, tests or treatments they needed to protect their people”, Guterres stated.

On this International Day of Epidemic Preparedness, I urge all countries to stand with our efforts to ensure the world is equipped and ready to take on the health challenges to come”.