Environmental Emergency Imposed in Lahore to Reduce Smog


by Seemab Chaudhary

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On Tuesday, the Punjab government imposed an emergency in Lahore to control the smog situation, which is getting worse day by day.

According to recent updates, the air quality of Lahore has been worsening to dangerous levels. The report shows how many people are getting affected by smog. On Tuesday evening around 5:30, the air quality index was 184. The most polluted areas of Lahore are its inner-city areas. A survey reveals different factors that contribute to increasing air pollution.  

Lahore stays in the top five worst air quality cities in the world. Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi shared in the news conference that the Punjab Govt is going to impose an emergency and also instructed the authorities to build a plan to control the smog in Lahore.

Elahi also said that “A ban has also been imposed on the burning of crop residues across the province”. It is also shared that people who will violate the orders will encounter strict actions.


He also stated that modern harvesters would be provided to farmers in a bid to reduce stubble burning. Elahi also added that anti-smog squads will take action against those with smoke-emitted vehicles. He went on to say that “This campaign will last for three months”.

High authorities are also on the way to take further steps to take control of the smog increase in Lahore. LHC has directed the provincial government to close the schools for three days a week as the smog situation is going out of hand. This step can help in controlling the smog situation in the city.

CM also ensures in the conference that all the department officers of environment, transport, protection, administration, and industries will go to the field and control the smog situation in the city.