Man Slips Into Coma For Four Weeks After Mosquito Bite


by Seemab Chaudhary

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A resident of Roedermark experienced a life-threatening condition, only because of a mosquito bite. Mosquito stings can be more dangerous than you think. Mr. Rotschke shared his experience that he is “fine so far”, but every person should be careful.

A recent mosquito bite has shown how it can lead to life-threatening conditions. Reports shared that mosquitoes can lead to fatal diseases like dengue. People experience serious illnesses because they carry some severe viruses, which can lead to many potential health conditions.


Report shares that at first, he experienced some of the symptoms like flu which he considered normal. After these symptoms, he had two toes partially amputated which required almost thirty surgeries. It made him slip into a coma for four weeks.

On several occasions, he also had blood poisoning and went through kidney, liver, and heart failure. He thought that there were low chances of his survival because the tissue sample showed his left thigh had been eaten away by malignant bacteria.

He shared that “I have not been abroad. The bite must have happened here. Then the pure escalation began. I became bedridden, barely made it to the bathroom, had a fever, and could not eat. I thought it was coming to an end. Suddenly I saw that my grey sweatpants were completely soaked. All of a sudden, a huge abscess formed on my left thigh. The doctors very quickly guessed that the Asian tiger mosquito bite was the cause of the whole thing and called in a specialist."

It was an Asian tiger mosquito, also known as a forest mosquito. They can transmit harmful diseases, like West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, etc.