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Disease Update

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WHO has recently reported a surge in Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in Iraq with more than 200 positive cases alongside 27 deaths in 2022.
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WHO officials believe that monkey pox is less likely to spread outside the African region and turn into a global pandemic.
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The World Health Assembly conducted in Geneva urged immediate action to be taken against rising case
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WHO expects urgent and detailed actions from countries to contain monkeypox.
High alert imposed in pakistan with monkeypox outburst   nih %281%29
High Alert has been imposed in Pakistan with the increasing cases of Monkeypox in the nonendemic countries.
Who expects more global cases of monkeypox %28b%29
With the continuous increase in numbers, WHO reports that more confirmed cases of Monkeypox can surface around the globe
Covid 19 vaccine roundup   who validates 11th vaccine
The World Health Organization approves Convedecia as the 11th COVID-19 vaccine adding to the growing portfolio of COVID-19 vaccines.
Monkeypox   who offers coordination to the uk after confirmed cases %281%29
WHO is willing to offer coordination to the UK in order to tackle the Monkeypox outbreak.
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According to a recent study, a novel site on amyloid-β protein can be targeted.
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IBD is also known as inflammation of the digestive tract.
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As a result of continuous negligence of the government, a very dark side of the society has come to the surface.
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Regenerative medicine is stepping further and further out of the lab
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Pakistan is on a steady path to recover from COVID-19 as the positivity rate falls below.
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The integrity of the Sehat Insaaf Card is in question and the public faces serious issues with the application.
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In a front-row seat to end the polio numbers from Pakistan, Bill Gates anticipates zero cases of Polio from Pakistan in Joint Collaboration.
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A new subvariant of omicron has become a headscratcher for global medical healthcare practitioners.
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The efforts to control polio in Pakistan has shown tremendous results. However, the presence of wild polio still is a fragile issue.
Major drop in covid 19 death count in pakistan home 11zon
Thanks to the ongoing Governmental efforts, Pakistan records a major drop in COVID-19 cases.
Beware a new corona home 11zon
Several South African researchers who have been keeping a close eye on the strains of Covid have found a troubling lineage
Booster shots at rs 1 270  home 11zon
In a notification issued by the Ministry of Health Services, those people who are interested in taking foreign trips, now, can also get booster shots
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With the latest campaign slogan of No Vaccine No Petrol” the Punjab government is leaving no stone unturned to increase the number of vaccinated masses.
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With a new and more powerful strain on the horizon, Pakistan has recorded the highest number of fatalities today. The mortality rate which had plummeted for quite some time has witnessed a sharp rise.