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A global mental crises age - The era of increased mental issue WHO reports 1 billion cases of mental health disorders among children and adults.
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WHO has recently reported a surge in Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever in Iraq with more than 200 positive cases alongside 27 deaths in 2022.
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WHO officials believe that monkey pox is less likely to spread outside the African region and turn into a global pandemic.
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The World Health Assembly conducted in Geneva urged immediate action to be taken against rising case
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WHO expects urgent and detailed actions from countries to contain monkeypox.
High alert imposed in pakistan with monkeypox outburst   nih %281%29
High Alert has been imposed in Pakistan with the increasing cases of Monkeypox in the nonendemic countries.
Who expects more global cases of monkeypox %28b%29
With the continuous increase in numbers, WHO reports that more confirmed cases of Monkeypox can surface around the globe
Covid 19 vaccine roundup   who validates 11th vaccine
The World Health Organization approves Convedecia as the 11th COVID-19 vaccine adding to the growing portfolio of COVID-19 vaccines.
New senotize spray effective in preventing covid 19
The new COVID-19 spray trials have shown to work exceptionally well in the treatment of the virus.
China reports first ever human case %282%29
China has reported the very first human case of H3N8, a rare virus strain of bird flu.
Mysterious hepatitis outbreak continues its spread in asia and canada %281%29
Japan has reported the first-ever case in the advent of an unknown liver virus that is causing infections in children around the world.
Cdc raises concern on rare liver damage in children
CDC alerts all medical healthcare practitioners regarding rare liver diseases that are affecting children.
Good cholesterol recedes chances of alzheimer%e2%80%99s disease
A new study has revealed that high-density lipoprotein if present in the body at higher levels results in reducing chances of cholesterol.
Redesigned moderna vaccine producing exceptional results
A newly redesigned moderna vaccination has been said to work against the previous and the new COVID-19 variants.
First ever breath test for covid 19 gets approved   fda %281%29
FDA authorizes world’s first breath test for the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections.
Single hpv vaccination can be used for cervical cancer treatment
A single step HPV routine is in cards for cervical cancer treatment
Researchers warn against a potential zika virus outbreak %281%29
Zika virus is one mutation away from becoming a disastrous global pandemic.
First case of omicron's new variant 'xe' detected in mumbai
New variant ‘XE’ has raised concerns as it is said to be more transmissible than all the past variants of the virus yet discovered.
Who reports billions of people still breathing poor quality air
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 99% of the global population is breathing air that exceeds WHO quality standards for clean air.
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Gap-free human genome sequence completed for the first time ever!
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In a new report published by CDC, the people that are unvaccinated are 11 times more vulnerable to covid.
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The WHO has bluntly shunned any speculations around CVID -19 by warning this new variant to be a death tsunami for all of us.
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In a recent study, researchers have unlocked that a certain class of synthetic chemicals which are universally known as forever chemicals.
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A new promising treatment method saves the life of a terminally ill cancer patient in Wahington.
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A latest study has made shocking revelations about sleeping between 10 and 11 pm to be the ideal time to sleep.
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Deep sleep is highly beneficial for the body as during this time the brain flushes out the toxins via the help of specialized channels.
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A recent study discovers that the overconsumption of processed foods or UPF.
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On Tuesday, December 15, 2021, the World Health Organization cautioned the fast spread of Omicron.
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The damaged or disoriented parts have been replaced with the help of synthetic ones for quite some time.
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New Zealand is making sure that the younger generation is not bound by the shackles of addictive smoking.
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The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) on Thursday cleared the speculation about fake emails being circulated.
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A fifth is expected to hit Pakistan by the mid of February 2022. It has been foreseen that 3000 to 4000 are to be detected per day.
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ISLAMABAD: The results of an ongoing study have announced that the use of artificial rains.
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On Monday, a groundbreaking announcement of successful trials of the Chinese Traditional Medicine for curing Coronavirus was made.
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According to the Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer Albert Bourla, a new vaccine targeting the omicron variant by Pfizer is already in the cards.
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According to the climate change ministry, the officials have stated that the new spell of the rains is going to bring down.
Microplastics in human blood alarms the scientific community
The discovery of microplastics in the human blood has caused a stir in the scientific community.
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On Wednesday researchers presented findings of a newly created contraceptive pill after lab trials on mice.
While Omicron strain is still on the rise, a potentially worrying new variant ‘IHU’ has been discovered.
30 companies to make cheap versions of pfizer covid 19 pill
Pfizer allows 35 companies to develop their COVID-19 vaccination for the administration of cost-effective treatments.
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According to the latest study, it is not only your physical health that is affected.
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According to the latest report the most feared disease worldwide can now be cured with the help of the right anti-inflammatory food products.
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In an attempt to find the best possible method so that the effects of covid-19 can be lowered.
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Latest studies have put their focus on finding the genetic pathways that will give a clear picture that whether a Parkinson’s drug is working or not.
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The WHO announced earlier this year that it will set up a Scientific Advisory Group for Origins of Novel Pathogens (SAGO).
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A new study suggests a close link between the use of psychedelics and the lower risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
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According to the latest reports, Australia, the UK, and several countries have imposed a travel ban on South Africa on Saturday.
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On Tuesday, the WHO said that those who are yet to get covid-29 vaccination.
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According to recent reports, a 30-year old woman has miraculously gotten cured of HIV without medication, who was first diagnosed in 2013.
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According to the latest reports, lower than usual burning of fossil fuels in times of lockdown has not only benefitted.
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The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority on Thursday approved
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The first-ever human trial testing a vaccine for one of the deadliest cancers is all set to begin.
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According to a new study, brain fog is a serious and widely reported issue of the covid-19.
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England could become the first country to allow e-smoking to make the general public refrain from purchasing tobacco products.
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A study hunt for existing drugs that could be used for Covid-19 treatment has uncovered a cheap antidepressant that might do wonders.
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The smog phenomenon which usually gets off in Lahore and Punjab in the first week of November has arrived three weeks earlier this year.
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A novel combination drug has been developed for malarial treatment for kids for the first time ever.
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A new species of ants have been discovered which have promising olfactory senses that can be used for cancer diagnosis.
Research suggests new combination treatment for covid 19 home 11zon
Recent research has claimed that a combined therapy of two antibiotics can prove to be fruitful for the treatment of COVID-19.
Covid 19 pfizer and biotech has set their home 11zon
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Long COVID is a condition in which the symptoms of corona lasts for an unknown period of time.
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At a press conference on Wednesday, the Director-General extended the calls for a moratorium on the booster jabs till the end of this year.
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On the 12 of October, World Arthritis Day is celebrated every year.
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Gut bacteria and their knowledge are extensive.
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WHO on Wednesday approved the only vaccine for the treatment of malaria in African children.
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Adhulem by Biogen has been approved for the treatment of early-stage Alzheimer's by the FDA.
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Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder. It primarily affects the human body’s movements.
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WHO alerts that 99% of the world population is breathing air that is lower than the standards suited for the human body.
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On October 4, 2021, two scientists shared the most prestigious award to ever exist on their discovery.
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A recent study has stated that when a person loses weight they can reverse diabetes. This statement is a result of preliminary research.
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There is not a single shadow of a doubt that the severity of covid has been controlled due to the available vaccines.
Micro chips  the new future of home 11zon
The development of a new microchip is on the rise that may change our perspective on disease and pollution monitoring forever.
Alzheimer%e2%80%99s diagnosis  home 11zon
Scientists in Australia have recently discovered a new factor that could be acting as the causative agent for Alzheimer’s.
Preventive medicine is now a possibility home 11zon
With the help of AI and machine learning early diagnosis of chronic diseases is no longer a dream.
A new heart brain link is found for anxiety disorder home 11zon
A recent study has shed light on the connection that fuels GAD.
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People who are suffering from insulin resistance have been suspected of type 2 diabetes for a long period of time
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MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment is considered to be the first sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s
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The tiny balls of fats such as nano lipid particles could revolutionize the science of medicine as we know it
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The World Health Organization has declared that 25% fewer vaccines for the world than they had earlier hoped
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Research in southern California has discovered such shreds of evidence that claims
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Severe cases of covid-19 can result in the development of Acute respiratory distress syndrome
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With administered vaccines for toddlers aged two and above, Cuba becomes the first country in the world to provide pediatric inoculations
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WHO has its eyes set on a new corona variant which the agency states have the potential to break free from the barriers of immunity that is previously
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On a comparative analysis basis, Moderna antibody production is leading the vaccine proficiency chart
%e2%80%9cno vaccine no petrol%e2%80%9d home 11zon
With the latest campaign slogan of No Vaccine No Petrol” the Punjab government is leaving no stone unturned to increase the number of vaccinated masses.
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Corona hospital waste such as discarded syringes, test kits that have been used and vaccination bottles have been piling up for the past two years.
News for blog 29 11zon
South African scientists have started to investigate that the covid 19 and HIV can collectively lead to the production of several types of variants.