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Pakistan reports 309 new covid 19 cases in last 24 hours %281%29
Pakistan reports 309 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day increasing the positivity rate rapidly.
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Punjab has set aside a total of Rs. 470 billion for the betterment of the health sector.
Pakistan is on the track to speed up the vaccination process with sudden increase in cases.
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Pakistan’s positivity rate currently stands at 1.53% as coronavirus is back in action!
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Pakistan has reported the lowest percentage of contraceptive prevalence while standing at 25% in South Asia.
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Pakistan is determined to eliminate polio till its complete eradication. Steps are being taken in order to fulfill the purpose.
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The Launch of the Maternal Health Project in Pakistan for Women and Children is promising the best health outcomes.
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KPK government extends Sehat Card Plus budget to 25 billion from 22 billion alongside adding five more diseases to be treated on the card.
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World Bank to provide a substantial fund of 258 million dollars to Pakistan to improve the national healthcare facilities.
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After the announcement of the health budget reducing to half, a concern has been raised by the health sector.
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Eighth case of Polio reported in Pakistan, just after one week of the seventh case in North Waziristan.
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With an increase in the number of new HIV cases, Sindh has become the first province to launch an ‘oral medicine program.’
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The outsourced health facilities in KPK have shown outstanding performance according to a third-party assessment.
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Pakistan has 31 Million unadministered vaccines that can get expired in August
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Health authorities urge people to stay vigilant as the seventh case of polio gets reported in Pakistan.
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Pakistan and Iran are willing to form healthy coordination to strengthen the regional healthcare sectors.
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Pakistan has reported the fourth case of Polio this year despite a no-tolerance policy on the matter.
No testing facility available for monkeypox in pakistan   health ministry
No testing facilities are available in Pakistan for diagnosing the monkeypox virus.
Reported diarrhea outbreak hits provincial capital
Diarrhea outbreak in Lahore observed as 2,000 children get admitted in the hospital alone in the month of April.
Pakistan among un %e2%80%98drought hit%e2%80%99 countries list
Pakistan is listed among the 23 UN Drought-hit Countries. The need for radical actions is now more apparent than ever!
Cholera surge in pakistan   25000 cases reported %281%29
In different regions of Punjab and Balochistan, alarming number of cholera cases are reported due to a lack of clean drinking water & temperature rise
Heatwave alert   sindh government declares emergency
Sindh Health Department issues alert to tackle an upcoming heatwave in the region.
Pakistan commits to bring revolution in the midwife services
Pakistan is on its way to enhancing and revolutionizing health outcomes by recognizing the efforts of midwives.
Pakistan reports first ever case of omicron sub variant %281%29
The first ever Omicron subvariant case has been detected in Pakistan, on Monday.
Pakistan denies who report on under reported covid 19 deaths
Pakistan rejects WHO report on 8 times under-reported COVID-19 deaths in Pakistan suspecting technical error.
Record breaking heat wave is all set to hit pakistan %281%29
The Ministry of Climate Change warns people about the approaching heatwave.
Hi mutehra hope you are doing well. just wanted to know about the culture of your company. %281%29
The detection of a polio case in North Waziristan leads to an immediate call of action by the PM.
1st polio case reported in pakistan after 15 months %281%29
Pakistan reports first polio case in 15 months from North Waziristan where a 15 months old boy was recently diagnosed with poliovirus.
Heart diseases emerged as leading death cause in pakistan %281%29
Cardiovascular diseases (CDV) is the top most death cause in Pakistan responsible for 21% of total casualties (317,850 deaths) in 2020.
Us provides 4.7 m doses of pfizer for pakistan
The US has donated 4.7 M COVID-19 vaccinations to Pakistan in an attempt to tackle the global pandemic.
Cancer patients all around pakistan suffer from morphine unavailability %281%29
Thousands of terminally ill cancer patients are subjected to painful death due to morphine crises all over Pakistan.
Parkinson's disease  an upcoming health crisis in pakistan
Pakistan has 1 million cases of Parkinson’s disease. These cases continuously grow over time increasing the need to create awareness among masses.
Sindh health department ceases free supply of cancer drugs
Sindh Health Department has stopped the supply of free cancer drugs and other major drugs to treat leukemia to patients.
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WTO is all praise for the commendable efforts Pakistan has put forward in light of the global restrictions due to pandemic.
Hsa pakistan to improve health sector capacity in 12 countries %281%29
HSA and Islamic University in Uganda have signed an agreement that they will be enhancing the health capacity of 12 countries in Africa.
One psychiatrist
With an increasing number of mental health cases there is only 1 psychiatrist available against 10,000 cases in Pakistan.
Ncoc successfully marks 2 years of its fight against covid 19
NCOC marks two years of successful daily reporting against COVID, while WHO applauds the country’s national response team.
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Pakistan is anticipated to receive about 40 million doses of covid jabs.
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With the World already being affected by Corona Virus, on Tuesday 21 December 2021 Omicron’s variant 32 people tested positive in Balochistan.
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With 3,567 new reported cases, the positivity ratio of the country has currently crossed over 7%.
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A small initiative that turned most of our anchors towards hope and prosperity has impaneled over 300 private sector hospitals in Pakistan.
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On Tuesday, 18 January 2022, Dr. Yasmin Rashid distributed Qaumi Sehat Cards
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On 15th December 2021, with an abrupt drop in the temperature, a thick layer of fog descended the province.
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News backlog remaining 24 11zon
2021 was not a great year when it comes to the spread of dengue. The virus continued to find more and more victims every day in the previous year.
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It has been confirmed by the media health coordinator of the provincial
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Islamabad: A very unexpectedly surprising launch is coming about in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa today.
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The positivity ratio in Pakistan has now reached 9.45%.
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On Friday, January 7, 2022, the figures released by the Government disclosed an aggressive spread of Omicron Variant in Karachi.
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In the last 24 hour span, Pakistan has successfully registered over 1000 new cases as the omicron variant continues to cause more infections.
Zero covid 19 deaths in pakistan for the first time in two years
Pakistan is slowly recovering from COVID-19 as the country reports zero deaths in the last 24 hours.
A new gastroenteritis outbreak expected to hit karachi  reports
It has been announced by experts on Sunday that a new outbreak of gastroenteritis is expected to hit Karachi and areas of Sindh.
Qaumi sehat card services now available in gujranwala %281%29
Naya Pakistan Sehat Card is now available for the residents of Gujranwala.
According to NCOC Chief Asad Umar Pakistan’s government has no intention of imposing a lockdown for now despite all the rising coronavirus cases.
On Friday, NCOC declared that Pakistan has achieved its desired target of administering 70 million inoculations in the previous year of 2021.
Hospitals registered with qaumi sehat card now crosses 700
Qaumi Sehat Card now includes more than 700 registered hospitals.
30 companies to make cheap versions of pfizer covid 19 pill
Pfizer allows 35 companies to develop their COVID-19 vaccination for the administration of cost-effective treatments.
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According to the reports, the doctors in the biggest city of Pakistan are suspecting a mystery fever that is similar to mosquito-borne dengue.
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On Saturday, while leading a meeting at his camp office Commissioner Retired Capt. Muhammad Usman commanded to establish 5 anti-smog squads.
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According to the latest study, it is not only your physical health that is affected.
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People who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS are dealing with bias not only in Karachi but in the whole province of Sindh.
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WHO has extended the travel ban on Pakistan for 3 more months after declaring that Pakistan alongside Afghanistan is a polio-endemic country.
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With 176 new cases recorded during the last 24 hours till Monday.
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According to the facts released by IQAir, which is the hub of tracking the air quality index in the world.
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As a result of continuous negligence of the government, a very dark side of the society has come to the surface.
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The smog phenomenon which usually gets off in Lahore and Punjab in the first week of November has arrived three weeks earlier this year.
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Regenerative medicine is stepping further and further out of the lab
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In order to protect children from measles and rubella, the Sindh government has decided to launch the world’s largest immunization drive.
Lumpy skin disease affects over 20 000 cattle in sindh %281%29
Lumpy disease continues to affect a wide range of livestock in Sindh, Pakistan.
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Ministry of Health Punjab, Dr. Yasmin Rashid during a press conference on Saturday clearly points out that the risk of dengue is elevating in Lahore.
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The Government of Pakistan has lowered the eligibility age for covid jabs from 18 to 15.
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Pakistan’s COVID-19 measures gain international positive response as WHO extends its aid in Sindh.
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Various Cancer Hospitals are now a part of the Sehat Insaaf Card. This measure ensures that health is being streamlined in Pakistan.
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WHO says Pakistan is suffering from the second-highest Hepatitis C virus burden in the globe.
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Pakistan has reached a milestone of vaccinating 100 million people. The active cases have also been declining with each passing day.
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The Ministry of Punjab and the World Bank Delegation have joined hands to educate and aware people about family planning.
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Punjab Human Organ Transplantation Authority allows swap transplants in Pakistan for the first time ever to combat organ trafficking.
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WHO felicitates Pakistan on the splendid achievement of crossing one hundred million inoculations.
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The Senate Committee had a formal meeting on Thursday and a number of health-related issues were discussed.
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Healthcare providers will be presented with Civil Awards on 23 March 2022 as a token of appreciation for the tireless services.
Free infertility treatment for childless couples in Pakistan will be staring from June in Punjab, the first province to provide treatment for free.
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TDAP is pleased to announce the first-ever Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show 2022.
News %282%29
Pakistan takes strict action to combat Polio as the national drive starts from today.
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Pakistan is on a steady path to recover from COVID-19 as the positivity rate falls below.
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Pakistan has eased restriction on travelling after the changes made in the new travel guidelines.
14 health setups sealed after ihra inspection   small
After the two weeks long inspection of IHRA, 14 Health Care Establishments have been sealed in Islamabad.
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In a front-row seat to end the polio numbers from Pakistan, Bill Gates anticipates zero cases of Polio from Pakistan in Joint Collaboration.
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A new subvariant of omicron has become a headscratcher for global medical healthcare practitioners.
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The efforts to control polio in Pakistan has shown tremendous results. However, the presence of wild polio still is a fragile issue.
Cancer survival rate in children home 11zon
Cancer mortality in Children of Pakistan has been increasing since forever. However, steps are being taken to reduce it by 2030.
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As per the official resources, the cases of dengue in Pakistan have crossed 15,000.
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Surveys have been proved that the number of newborn babies with hearing impairment is increasing.
Pakistan fights back covid  19 with home 11zon
With 40 reported deaths in the last 24 hours, Pakistan seems to be recovering from the fatal blows of the deadly virus.
Pakistan is still on the red list due to home 11zon
In a detailed letter written by the UK’s Health Minister to the Chair of All Parties Parliamentary Group.
Pakistan records significant drop home 11zon
The statistics showed by NCOC reported that Pakistan has been recording a slow yet steady decline in daily active cases since the last two days.
Major drop in covid 19 death count in pakistan home 11zon
Thanks to the ongoing Governmental efforts, Pakistan records a major drop in COVID-19 cases.
Naya pakistan health card introduced for faisalabad division home 11zon
PM has announced that Qoumi Sahulat Card will soon be launched for Faislabad division.
Highest covid death count reported in pakistan in four months1
NCOC reports that Pakistan is currently suffering from the highest death count in the past four months due to COVID-19 infections.
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Pakistan has witnessed a drastic decline in positive Covid cases in the last 24 hours. Overnight, only a total of 4,874 people tested positive
Upsetting increase  home 11zon
Substance abuse is making its presence felt in the youth of Pakistan. A huge number of youngsters are seen indulged in heroin consumption.
Pakistan receives 3m us home 11zon
With the death count being 85 and 4500 new Covid -19 infected reports, Pakistan has received 3m doses of Pfizer vaccine donated by the US, today
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On Thursday, Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan witnessed a rapid surge in dengue cases
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One of the biggest and most respectable health institutes of Pakistan in Karachi
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The Covid-19 graph shows a declining trend as the positivity rate stands at 6.33%. With less than 4000 daily infections being reported for the majorit
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On a comparative analysis basis, Moderna antibody production is leading the vaccine proficiency chart
Beware a new corona home 11zon
Several South African researchers who have been keeping a close eye on the strains of Covid have found a troubling lineage
Booster shots at rs 1 270  home 11zon
In a notification issued by the Ministry of Health Services, those people who are interested in taking foreign trips, now, can also get booster shots
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On Saturday, the Police Training Center confirmed that around 200 police officers from the department were injected with expired vaccines for CoronaVirus
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Recently, the surprising unavailability of fever pills has been under notice in the major cities of Punjab, specifically Lahore.
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Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, this is the first time that Pakistan has secured 6,808 new cases during the span of the last 24 hours.
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According to the current resources, the higher authorities have imposed the smart lockdown.
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Karachi: On Sunday, the city administration enforced micro-smart lockdown in various areas of Karachi while observing a rise in the Covid-19 cases, especially the Omicron variant.
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On Saturday, January 23, 2022, during the distribution ceremony of the Naya Pakistan Sehat Sahulat Card the Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid announced the commencement of the polio campaign from January 24th (today).
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In the Global normalcy index of the Economist, Pakistan has been ranked second.
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With a new and more powerful strain on the horizon, Pakistan has recorded the highest number of fatalities today. The mortality rate which had plummeted for quite some time has witnessed a sharp rise.